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This section of the VGP site is intended for those who are just getting into the concepts of genetic transfer and the Virtual Genome. In the Basics section, we start with background information about bacteria and DNA and then talk about mobile genetic elements such as plasmids and the mechanisms by which they are transferred within and between cells.

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Cartoon by Nick D. Kim, lab-initio.com. Used by permission.

We hope curious students will enjoy the concise information, conceptual animations and illustrations provided here and will move on to the more advanced information in the Plasmids and Phage sections of the site (as well as the many scientific links therein) when they want to learn more about cutting-edge research in these areas.

For teachers, we have comprised a list of links to hands-on/minds-on activities about DNA, bacterial evolution and Horizontal Gene Transfer. We hope this site will be used as a springboard into the world of Plasmids and the Virtual Genome as well as ways in which to impart this exponentially growing knowledge to young minds to inspire the next generation of scientists.

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