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CS 113: Program Design and Algorithms

Any bozo can write a computer program, and apparently bozos frequently do.

It takes skill, good sense, and careful thought to design, implement, and test a computer application which is correct, efficient, and acceptable to the program's users. In this course, we emphasize important problem solving techniques and carefully analyzing some important data organizations and the algorithms that go with them.

Here is a picture of (most of) the students in the class:

Here are details about this course
bullet Now that the course is over, here is a summary of final grades for the course
bullet Here is a summary of all three exam scores
bullet Projects are due on midnight of the due date, provided everyone comes to class on the due date. Remember: don't put off working on your assignment. It's easy to turn it in early, but impossible to be late.
bullet I have put all the source code from the textbook into the course ftp site.
bullet Course handouts are available
bullet Programming projects
bullet Course ftp site: ftp://ftp:cs.uidaho.edu/pub/cs113
bullet Course Syllabus
bullet Course newsgroup: uidaho.class.cs.113.02.jaf
bullet Old Announcements
bullet Course information (objectives, activities, etc.)
bullet Introductions and tutorials on using the CS machines are in the lecture notes
bullet There is a homepage for the textbook.
bullet Source code for a memoized version of code for the recursive (n choose k) algorithm is now on the ftp site.
bullet Project four is due 20 October
bullet If you use emacs, you should get the .emacs file from the course ftp site and put it in your home directory. This will set up colors and the C++ compile command.
bullet I have a sample of some recursive code to generate all permutations of n items on the ftp site
bullet Project two is due 15 September
bullet Project three is due 29 September
bullet New Office Hours: M 1:30-3:30, Thur 1:30-2:30 or by Appointment
bullet Sample code for this course is in the ftp site

The instructor for this course is James A. Foster. His office is JEB B24 (in the basement by the elevator), email id is foster@cs.uidaho.edu, phone number 208.885.7062 (though he responds better to email).

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