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CS 404: The Future of Computing (Spring 1995)

Welcome to CS 404, The Future of Computing. This page contains information related to the class. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to improve it.

It is very likely that this page (and the information contained in it....) will change drastically during the spring semester of 1995! So don't print it, look at it on-line!


bullet The rules for playing the Knights and Knaves game.
bullet Our first meta-theorem .

Class Information

Course Objectives

This course will teach you a new approach to programming. From the preface of the text:
... an approach [to programming] in which programs can be developed reliably, with attention to the real issues. It is a practical approach based on methodically developing programs from their specficiations. Besides being practical, it is exciting. Many programs can be developed with relative ease. Once difficult problems can be solved by beginners. Elegant solutions bring great satisfaction.

This is our subject. We are interested in making programming an exciting topic!

Teaching Staff

Michael Barnett				James Foster
B-28 JEB				B-24 JEB
tel: 885-5524				tel: 885-7062
email: mbarnett@cs.uidaho.edu		email: foster@cs.uidaho.edu

Class Hours

10.00--11.30 Tuesday and Thursday in BEL 118.

Office Hours

11.30--12.30 Tuesday and 1.30--2.30 Thursday
11.30--12.20 TTh and 4.00--5.30 T.
Additional hours by appointment (that is, talk to us and tell us when you can make it).


Programming in the 1990s. E. Cohen, Springer-Verlag, 1990. (The errata sheet ).


This course uses the Moore method. The class is a cooperative laboratory for students to work together in teaching themselves the material. The instructor's function is as a resource and as an observer. The material is learned by students performing proofs on the board with the encouragement and criticism of all the class. It is vital that students take the responsibility for both their education and their behavior in the class.

Other Information

bullet An introduction to equational logic, the text A Logical Approach to Discrete Math, and similar things by David Gries.
bullet The grading criteria for the course.
bullet The schedule for the course.
bullet The newsgroup for this class is uidaho.cs.404.04 . (Information about reading newsgroups using Emacs ).
bullet This course teaches one aspect of Formal Methods . Check out this link for a lot more information!


bullet Chapters 1 and 2
bullet Chapter 3
bullet Chapter 4
bullet Chapter 5
bullet Chapter 6
bullet Chapter 7
bullet Chapter 9
bullet Chapter 10
bullet The exercises for Chapter 11 are not available electronically.

Journal Assignments

bullet Week 1 , due in journal 20 January.
bullet Week 2 , due in journal 27 January.
bullet Week 3 , due in journal 3 February.
bullet Week 4 , due in journal 10 February. (Some comments about the problems.)
bullet Week 5 , due in journal 17 February. (Some comments about the problems.)
bullet Week 6 , due in journal 24 February. (Some comments about the problems.)
bullet Week 7 , due in journal 3 March. (Some comments about the problems.)
bullet Week 8 , due in journal 10 March.
bullet Week 9 , due in journal 17 March.
bullet All journals after this contain no extra exercises.


bullet Exam 1.
bullet Exam 2.

Michael Barnett

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