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CS 495/Math 405 Analysis of Algorithms

Instructor: Dr. James A. Foster

This course covers techniques for analysing the efficiency of algorithms, and for using this information to design better ones. For more details, see the course syllabus.

These are the course notes which were used in the Spring semester, 1994.


bullet Programming Project
bullet HW 1
bullet HW 2
bullet HW 3
bullet HW 4
There will be no homework 5.


bullet Midterm from previous semester
bullet Answers to Midterm
bullet Final from previous semester

Programming Project

In this course, we develop three implementations of programmes for the three processor scheduling problem. One uses a simple exhaustive search, another uses backtracking, and the third uses branch and bound. For details, see the course syllabus.

For a description of the criteria by which project papers are graded, and hints for getting a higher grade, press here.

Interesting Stuff

bullet The CalTech Divide and Conquer Archetype, a text on D and C with slide shows
bullet uidaho.cs.495.01 for discussions about this course
bullet uidaho.cs.theory for discussions of theoretical computer science at UI
bullet comp.theory for discussions of theoretical CS world-wide

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