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Analysis of Algorithms (Spring 1998)

CS 495/Math 475

Instructor: Dr. James A. Foster. I respond better to email than to any other communications venue.

In this course, we will learn mathematical techniques for quantifying the inherent efficiency of algorithms in an implementation independent way. We will then discuss several ways to design better algorithms. In particular, we will look at divide and conquer strategies, dynamic programming, backtracking, branch and bound, probabilistic algorithms, and approximation algorithms. The focus of the course is on answering the questions: how good is my best algorithm for a given task, and what do I do if that isn't good enough?

bullet Recent course announcements.
bullet Extra notes, cool links, relevant software, and stuff
bullet Course objectives, expectations, office hours and other administrivia
bullet Homework and test information
bullet Programming Project
bullet Course syllabus (as of 23 Jan 1998)


bullet There are extra notes on recent topics. Be sure to check them out!
bullet The backtracking writeup is due after break (still lecture 25).
bullet Homework 3 will be due Monday, 9 March, rather than Friday, 6 March.
bullet Here are summary statistics from exam one (on campus only)
bullet Here is a summary of possible topics for the midterm exam (in postscript)
bullet Be sure to look for lectures and pointers from time to time


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