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Syllabus & Dates

IBEST Seminar

Bioinformatics: Problems & Solutions

ST: CS 501-02 (1 cr)

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James A. Foster (foster@cs.uidaho.edu)

Place and Time

Lectures will be from 14:30-15:20 in Renfrew 112. Class will meet with visitors from 13:30-14:20 in Renfrew 129. See the lecture schedule for dates.  We will also have an orientation class on 1/19/01 in Renfrew 129 at 13:30-14:20.


Bioinformatics uses computation and mathematics to interpret biological data, such as DNA or protein sequences.  We already have far more biological data than we can analyze, so we desperately need new algorithms and approaches.

In this seminar, we will attend lectures and meet personally with the top bioinformatics researchers from around the world and from the University of Idaho.  We will discuss the challenges and opportunities at the cutting edge of this new, critical convergence of biology, computer science, and mathematics. This seminar will provide a platform for further research and training

The objective of this seminar is to improve interdisciplinary research in bioinformatics and to advance our ability to transform biological data into biological knowledge.  This is part of the mission of the Initiative for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary STudies (IBEST), and is partially funded by NSF grant EPS-0080935 and the Department of Mathematics. For more information, please contact Dr. Foster  


There will be eight lectures during the semester, and we will meet with the visitors for an hour before each lecture. Students will be expected to attend all lectures and meetings, and to keep a journal with their thoughts on the lectures and the research topics they present, showing that the students have read the required materials and attended the lectures. There will be a packet with survey articles for students to read prior to the lectures, so that students will have some familiarity with the subjects being presented.


This seminar series is funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation for multidisciplinary studies
in Bioinformatics and Evolution, EPSCoR 0080935.

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