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IBEST Seminar

CS 501 section 2 (1 cr)

Explaining Evolution

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Co-ordinator: James A. Foster (foster@cs.uidaho.edu)

Place and Time: Fridays 14.30-15:20, in CNR 10 usually (but see syllabus)

Description: Evolution, the process of descent with modification that forms the foundation of modern biology, leaves its footprints throughout the natural world. In computer science, we have used evolution to build computer programs and solve difficult optimization problems. But in all case, evolution has remained a controversial topic in public discourse. In this seminar series, we will explore the role that evolution plays in explaining biological data. We will also explore the mathematical foundations of evolutionary explanations, for both biological and computational processes. Finally, we will consider the problem of explaining evolution from the philosophical point of view.

The objective of this seminar is to improve interdisciplinary research in bioinformatics and evolutionary studies and to advance our ability to transform biological data into biological knowledge.  This is part of the mission of the Initiative for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary STudies (IBEST), (see www.cs.uidaho.edu/ibest) and is partially funded by NSF grant EPS-0080935 with contributions from the Departments of Computer Science, Mathematics, Biological Sciences, and Philosophy. For more information, please contact Dr. Foster (foster@cs.uidaho.edu).

Acknowledgement This seminar series is funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation for multidisciplinary studies in Bioinformatics and Evolution, EPSCoR 0080935.

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