James A. Foster

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IBEST Seminar

CS 4/501 sections 1, 2

(1 cr)

Doing Evolution

Here is the list of talks (in pdf format)

And here are announcements and course information (for enrolled students). For chat room, discussion list, and whiteboard, use webCT (with UI userid/password)

Coordinator: James A. Foster (foster@cs.uidaho.edu). Office hours (tentative): Mon 13.30, Wed 15.30-17.30, in chat room Mon 9.30-10.20, or by appointment.

Place and Time: Fridays 15.30-16:20, CNR 10 (but see syllabus)

Description: Evolution is the process by which a population of replicating individuals who inherit properties from their parents experiences change in response to selective pressure. We often think of evolution as embodied in living systems, but the same process may be instantiated in algorithms or described in mathematical models. This seminar presents the work of researchers who do evolution, on biological wetbenches, in software, or in mathematical systems.

This seminar will host top scholars in experimental evolution (biology), evolutionary computation (computer science), and evolutionary modeling (mathematics). It will present the state of the art in current research, and will provide a platform for further research and training. Please note that the "CS seminar" (section 2) and the "IBEST seminar" (section 1) are identical.

The objective of this seminar is to improve interdisciplinary research in computational biology and to advance our ability to understand evolutionary processes.  This is part of the mission of the Initiative for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary STudies (IBEST). For more information, please contact Dr. Foster (foster@cs.uidaho.edu) or see the course webpage.

Acknowledgement: This seminar series is funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation for multidisciplinary studies in Bioinformatics and Evolution, NSF grant EPS-0080935, NIH/NCRR grant 1P20 RR16448, and is sponsored by the Initiative for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies (IBEST) and the departments of Computer Science, Biological Sciences, and Mathematics at the University of Idaho.

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