James A. Foster

CS Department Seminar

The CS Department Seminar meets weekly at 3:30 in JEB 2. Speakers will discuss topics including current research, industry activities, and general information of interest to graduate students. It is not necessary to enroll in CS 501 to attend these lectures, and graduate students are encouraged to do so. The seminar is open to the public. If you would like to participate or suggest a speaker, please contact Dr. James A. Foster (foster@cs.uidaho.edu).

Scheduled Speakers, Spring 1996 (subject to change)

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
9 May James A. Foster Laboratory for Applied Logic, UI Dept. of Computer Science Suggestions for Seminar
2 May Dr. David Benson Washington State University Types for Software Engineering
25 April Jason Dearien First Step Research What I'm Doing, What I've Learned
18 April Dr. John Dickinson Chair, UI Dept. of Computer Science The 1996 Telecommunications Act
11 April Dr. Michael Barnett Microsoft Corp. Research Opportunities at Microsoft
4 April Brian Kramer and Jim Haynes Pacific Simulation Software Engineering at a Small Company: the Development of WinGEMS at PacSim
28 March Dr. Axel Krings UI CS Dept. Selected Problems in Hard Real-Time Scheduling
14 March No Seminar Today
7 March Dr. John Munson UI CS Dept. A Software Black Box Recorder
29 Feb Terence Soule UI CS Dept. Genetic Programming and the Growth of Code
22 Feb Dr. James A. Foster and R. Wesley Ireland UI CS Dept. Computer Simulation of Transposable Elements Evolution
15 Feb Dr. Paul Joyce UI Division of Statistics Stochastic Models for the Evolution of Transposable Elements
8 Feb Dr. Jim Alves-Foss UI CS Dept. The Steam Boiler Specification Problem: A Case Study
1 Feb Ara Gardner UI Dept. of Forest Resources Factors Influencing Sofware Adoption
25 Jan Dr. James A. Foster UI CS Dept. How to Read and Do Proofs

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