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Bioinformatics & Evolutionary Studies Seminar

ST: CS 404/504 (3 cr)

Announcement: Be sure to check the materials webpage for announcements and other cool stuff!

And here is the list of talks.  


James A. Foster (foster@cs.uidaho.edu)

Place and Time

Lectures Tues 12:30-13:45 in Morrill 302, project meetings as arranged.  Normal office hours with coordinator are MF 10:30-11:30.


Bioinformatics uses computation and mathematics to interpret biological data, such as DNA or protein sequences.  Evolutionary studies investigate the evolutionary process, both in nature and in engineering. These interdisciplinary subjects bring together mathematics, computer science, and biology.

This seminar consists of weekly lectures from several UI faculty members from across campus currently researching bioinformatics and evolutionary studies (see the syllabus).  Students will be expected to attend these lectures and do a student project.  We will also read and discuss relevant papers, in order to advance the student projects.

The objective of this seminar is to improve interdisciplinary research in bioinformatics and evolutionary studies at UI.  This is part of the mission of the Initiative for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary STudies (IBEST), which has recently received a large NSF grant in support of this work. (Here is the original course announcement.)

Please contact Dr. Foster (foster@cs.uidaho.edu) for more information.


Permission of instructor, for undergraduates. No specific computer science, math, or biology courses are required. We will cover these as needed in the seminar.



Course Objectives

bullet Awareness of the research in bioinformatics and evolutionary studies being performed at the University of Idaho
bullet Participation in that research
bullet Initiation of a research project in this field

Course Activities

bullet Lectures: see the syllabus.  These will be given by faculty members in IBEST.
bullet Project: each student will finish a project, which will be directed by an IBEST faculty member. The student will choose a project in consultation with IBEST faculty members, and will turn in a written report the final week of classes. Students will provide status reports to the course coordinator (Foster) on a timely basis.
bullet Exams: there will be none. Instead, we will meet during the final exam period to discuss our projects and course experiences.
bullet Homework: none of that, either.


Grading is entirely subjective and will consider class participation, the quality of the final project, and the recommendation of the faculty member for whom the project was done. Graduate student projects should have a research component, which is not expected of undergraduates (though it is desirable).

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