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CS 404/504: Genetic Algorithms: Fall 1995

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Instructors: Dr. James A. Foster and Dr. John Dickinson

This page describes our course on genetic algorithms for Fall 1995.

This document contatins:
bullet Announcements
bullet Lecture Notes
bullet Syllabus and General information
bullet Student projects
bullet Tests
bullet Relevant newsgroups
bullet Course FTP Site
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  1. Review topics for the third test are here.
  2. Notes for the lecture on the GP Schema Theorem are available from the ftp site.
  3. I just put a new survey of parallel GAs on the ftp site. Check it out. It's very good.
  4. I have added three papers to the ftp site, one on parallel GAs, distributed GAs, and one on a particularly massively parallel GA.
  5. Review topics for the second test are here.
  6. The pascal source code for the SGA (what's in the book) is now available from the ftp site, thanks to Todd Avery.
  7. There is a list of known bugs in galib. I have added the fixes I have found out about to the copy in my ga/galib directory.
  8. First draft of papers is now due Friday, 10 Nov, LN 32, not the date on the original syllabus. The results of your GA runs should be reported in your first draft, so you should be finished coding by then.
  9. I have added an MSDOS tar utility to the ftp directory, so that those of you who have MSDOS systems can still process the packages. Please let me know if this works.
  10. I have added a section for lecture notes. This will not have entries for every lecture! But we will add notes when possible.
  11. Check out ga-packages.txt, which is on the ftp site also, for a list of available GA packages. There are packages for PASCAL users, PCDOS/Windows support, and much much more.
  12. There is a postscript file pre-viewer on the ftp site, for those of you who need one. This supports DOS, Win32, Win16, and OS/2. See postscript-viewer.txt on the ftp site for details.

    Lecture Notes

    Here are notes for some of the lectures.

    GP Schema Theorem
    Lecture 29, 11/3
    Dominance and Multiploidy
    Lecture 25, 10/25
    GA Test Suites
    Lecture 23, 10/20
    Using Genetic Algorithms to Find Maximum Cliques, by T. Soule and J. A. Foster
    Lecture 12--13, 9/25--27/95
    Represention and fitness functions for graphs

    Student Projects

    Here is a list of student projects for this course.


    There will be three.

    Here are review topics for the first test, for the second test, and for the third test.

    Relevant Newsgroups

    bullet uidaho.cs.genetic-algorithms for discussion of genetic algorithms at UI, including this course and current research.
    bullet comp.ai.genetic for discussion of GA work world-wide

    Course FTP Site

    The ftp site for this course is: ftp.cs.uidaho.edu, using the /pub/ga-courses/ directory.

    Other Links

    bullet ENCORE: Clearing house for GA/GP/EP stuff
    bullet The Genetic Algorithms Archive, Navy Center for Applied Research in AI
    bullet IlliGAL Home Page
    bullet Welcome to the MSU GARAGe

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