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Evolutionary Computation (Fall 1998)

Evolutionary computation finds solutions to computational problems the old fashioned way: by growing them. Given a problem, EC simulates evolution with natural selection, where the "organisms" to be evolved are either potential solutions to the problem at hand, or algorithms to produce such solutions. EC includes: Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, Evolutionary Strategies, evolutionary algorithms, and many artificial life simulations. It has been successful for a remarkable number and variety of problems.

In this course, we will work through several case studies which apply EC to function optimization, automatic program derivation, classification, machine learning, circuit design, and other types of problems. We will investigate EC in general, and many specific variations. We will investigate the current theory of EC. Our objective is to understand the EC technique well enough to be able to apply it successfully.

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Instructor: Dr. James A. Foster. I respond better to email than to any other communications venue.


Here is what we've done since the beginning of the semester (for a test review).

Perhaps it's time to use GAs to spiff up our fast food options.

galib is installed on the CS network in /usr/local/src/galib-2.4.2/ga. gpc++ is installed under ~foster/pub/gpc++. See the course ftp site for the rectangle evolution code for galib and makefile that we saw in class.

The Due dates for Projects have changed. See the new syllabus of the student project page. The syllabus has also changed.

The Excell spreadsheet from my SGA example in lectures 2 and 3 is available on the course ftp site.

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