James A. Foster

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Computability and Complexity

CS 590 Section 1 (3 cr)

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Place and Time: TTh 14.00-15.20 JEB 25

Instructor: James A. Foster (foster@cs.uidaho.edu)
Textbook: Computability and Complexity Theory, S. Homer and A. L. Selman, Springer, 2001. ISBN 0-387-95055-9.
Chat room, discussion list, whiteboard: on webCT (use your UI userid/password)
Office hours (tentative): Tues 15.30-16.20, Wed 15.30-17.00, in course chat room 1 Wed 10.00-11.30, or by appointment

This course covers the fundamentals of recursive function theory and the theory of computational complexity. That is, we examine the inherent limitations of computation, both theoretical and practical, in some detail. We also discuss recent topics in theoretical computer science. (for details, see the course syllabus).

Less formally, we study what can be computed and what cannot, both in theory and in practice. As it happens, some impossible problems are harder than others, and not all that is possible is really possible. Worse yet, we only know where the boundaries are for "impractical" problems!

Additional course resources are available, including homework assignments and (when possible) answers.

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