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CS 590 Theory of Computation: Spring 1995

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Instructor: Dr. James A. Foster

This course covers the fundamentals of recursive function theory and the theory of computational complexity. That is, we examine the inherent limitations of computation, both theoretical and practical, in some detail.

For more details, see the course syllabus.

This document contains:
bullet Announcements
bullet General information
bullet Homework (usually with solutions)
bullet Tests (with solutions once you've taken them)
bullet Relevant newsgroups
bullet Course FTP Site
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General Information

James A. Foster
bullet Office: JEB B24
bullet Phone: 885-7062
bullet Office Hours: 2:30-3:20 MWF, 3:20-4:20 W
bullet Email: foster@cs.uidaho.edu
bullet Computational Complexity, Bovet and Crescenzi. Prentice Hall, 1994.
bullet Computability: An Introduction to Recursive Function Theory, Cutland. Cambridge, 1980.
bullet To be able to describe two mathematical models of computation: URM and TM
bullet To derive some properties of computation from these models (such as inherent limitations)
bullet To be able to characterize computational feasibility and infeasibility
bullet To understand some current research topics in theoretical CS
Lectures, two tests, several (up to 8) homework assignments, discussions.
Grades will be determined approximately as follows: 50% from the Midterm examination and 50% from the final examination (which will not be cumulative).


Assignment Due Date Solutions
One 5 Feb (LN 9) None yet
Two 12 Feb (LN 12) None yet
Three 15 Mar (LN ??) None yet
Four 22 April None yet

There will be no more than 8 homework assignments (one every two weeks). These will be suggested exercises to help you understand definitions and results.

I will check your homework to be sure that you are making a good-faith effort, but will not grade it---hence, it does not contribute to your grade. You will understand the material best if you do the homework.

I will provide solutions to all homework problems.

See the course notes from last year for the homework last year.


Here are some sample tests from previous years.
bullet 1993 Midterm
bullet 1993 Final
bullet Sample test questions for the 1994 Midterm
bullet 1994 Midterm
bullet 1994 Final
bullet 1995 Midterm
bullet 1995 Final

Relevant Newsgroups

bullet uidaho.cs.theory for discussion of theoretical CS at UI
bullet comp.theory for discussion of theoretical CS world-wide
bullet sci.logic for discussions about logic and computing

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