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CS 496/596: Computational Complexity Theory

Computational complexity theory investigates inherent limitations to computation in a world of limited resources. We develop models of computation with bounded access to resources such as time and space, classify problems according what can be solved with these restrictions, and investigate the implications of this classification.

We will investigate what is known about common complexity classes which capture such ideas as feasibility, randomized algorithms, boolean circuits, parallel computation, and interactive proofs. Along the way, we will learn some of the major recent results in this area.

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The instructor for this course is James A. Foster. His office is JEB B24 (in the basement by the elevator), email id is foster@cs.uidaho.edu, phone number 208.885.7062 (though he responds better to email).

Course prerequisites are CS490/Ma485 (Theory of Computation) and CS495/Ma475 (Analysis of Algorithms), or the consent of the instructor.

Here is a picture of (most of) the students in the local section of the class:

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