James A. Foster -- Machine learning class

Machine Learning (cs499/cs502) Spring 1999

This is a small reading course, open by invitation only.

We will read Machine Learning, by Tom M. Mitchell, McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0-07-042807-7. This book will be available at the U. Idaho Bookstore, or at Amazon Books (or anywhere else you find it).

We will meet once a week for three hours. At each meeting we will draw two names from a hat in order to determine who will present the material for that meeting (the discussant), and who will take notes (the scribe). The scribe from the previous class will give a brief synopsis of the last class.  The discussant will then present material form the text. We will discuss the material in the book, work examples, and discuss any programming projects that we have decided to assign to ourselves. Student's who have presented twice will be allowed to "pass" if their name is drawn, and each student will be allowed one "pass" (unless they are the only one who can present that class).  

We will meet 2:45-5:30 on Thursdays, in JEB 5 (until further notice).

Grading will be determined by class participation, two in-class examinations,  and an oral final examination.  Students will propose test questions and solutions, and the instructor will use these questions as suggestions when preparing the exams. 


Name email
Cavanaugh, Tiffany cava5011@cs.uidaho.edu
Cavalieri, John cava8053@cs.uidaho.edu
Hall, Chris hall9512@cs.uidaho.edu
Harrison, Mike harr9446@cs.uidaho.edu
Lewis, Ben lewi5041@cs.uidaho.edu
Masner, Jason jmasner@cs.uidaho.edu
McConnell, Jesse jessem@cs.uidaho.edu
Saul, Zach saul9496@cs.uidaho.edu
Scott, Kevin scot8911@cs.uidaho.edu


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