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Larry J. Forney
Larry J. Forney, Ph.D.
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Idaho
PO Box 443051
Moscow, ID 83844-3051
Telephone: +1 (208) 885 6011
Fax: +1 (208) 885 7905
Email: lforney [at]
Curriculum Vitae [pdf]

Larry J. Forney

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Director of the Institute of Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies

The research done in Dr. Larry Forney’s laboratory centers on the diversity and distribution of prokaryotes. Both field and laboratory studies are done to explore the temporal and spatial patterns of community diversity, as well as factors that influence the dynamics of inter- and intra-species competition. In addition research is done to understand how spatial structure and the resulting environmental gradients influence the tempo and trajectory of adaptive radiations in bacterial species and the maintenance of diversity. Most of these studies are highly interdisciplinary in nature, and done in collaboration with mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists, geologists, environmental engineers, physicians, and clinical scientists.

News Briefs

Invited Lectures

"Ecology of the Human Vaginal Microbiome", American Society of Microbiology Biofilms conference.
"The Vaginal Microbiome", National Academy of Science Sackler Colloquium on Microbes and Health.

Recent Papers

Human Microbiome Project Consortium. (2012) Structure, function and diversity of the healthy human microbiome. Nature, 486(7402), 207–214. PMID: 22699609
Human Microbiome Project Consortium. (2012). A framework for human microbiome research. Nature, 486(7402), 215–221. PMID: 22699610

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